Estate and Family Succession Planning

While having a legal, professionally drafted will is critical, we believe the first step to estate planning is to acknowledge and articulate your core values, financial objectives and intentions for the legacy that you would like to leave. We work with you to help you understand the pitfalls to be aware of and the opportunities available to create your effective estate plan, ensuring the “right funds” are received in the “right hands” at the “right time”.

“Right funds” is ensuring there will be sufficient funds in your estate and via other assets to meet your objectives. “Right hands” is making sure your control of assets are passed appropriately and as you would intend. “Right time” looks at if you would prefer your beneficiaries to receive their inheritance straight away or at some later stage (for instance, infant children) or through a gradual process (eg income streaming). Right timing also takes into account taxation implications and maximising outcomes for your beneficiaries.

Protecting your family and loved ones takes careful planning and the areas of wealth and asset protection are an important issue. This area includes family trusts, private companies and ownership issues.