1. What is the process of seeking financial advice?

An Arrow Private Client Adviser clearly discusses the advice process and services offered in an initial consultation. This obligation free consultation is tailored to your preferred method of communication, be it face to face, telephone, skype or email.

2. How can Arrow Wealth Management help me?

We understand that each and every person requires a strategy specifically tailored to individual needs. We ensure standards of the highest quality are maintained by applying a stringent process – understanding your idea of financial freedom; what is really important to you (your values); identifying your financial and lifestyle goals and aspirations; assessing and identifying key issues; analysis and planning; providing strategic advice; direction and planning. We then provide a transparent picture of your financial position and ways to work with you to improve it.

3. What if I only want and need certain advice?

We are happy to help you with very specific or certain areas only. At Arrow we provide specialised and individualised service and advice to our clients as required. We believe that “one size does not fit all”. We are pleased to assist in limited areas only, be it debt management, cashflow, superannuation, estate planning, investment advice, investment management. There is no obligation for us to look at your entire situation if you do not wish.

4. What are your fees?

We are a fee for service business. We agree your fee structure up front with you so that you know what to expect.

5. Do you provide ongoing support?

We are dedicated to the delivery of exceptional advice, solutions and service and a critical part of our business and values is to provide a high level of ongoing and continuous service and care to our clients.

6. Do I need to bring anything with me to my first meeting?

It is not essential to have all your financial information and documentation. Our initial meeting together is designed to get to know one another and determine if and how we can help. From there, we can work together to collate your information.

7. If I do need advice, what is the full process I can expect?

Following consideration of your vision and values, we then apply the following process:

Identify financial freedom goals

  • Identify and quantify your lifestyle goals
  • Detail your current personal and financial situation
  • Evaluate your current financial position

Assess and identify key issues

  • Review of your wealth creation, retirement and estate planning
  • Review of your tax structures and ownership

Analysis and planning

  • Assess your financial strategy options to meet goals and gap analysis
  • Ensure optimum ownership and tax structures in place
  • Identify most appropriate investments to match your risk profile

Strategic financial plan

  • Document tailored financial and investment strategies to achieve stated goals
  • Set our recommended asset allocation, investment issues, options and ownership

Advice and plan presentation and implementation

  • Strategies and rationales discussed
  • Implement all agreed recommendations


  • Review appropriateness of direction
  • Review new goals and objectives
  • Review progress toward achieving financial freedom ideals

8. Who sees my information?

Your information is held confidentially by our office. We may share certain aspects of your information when seeking products, such as personal insurances on your behalf, but we do not do this without your knowledge. We are licenced to operate through Hillross Financial Services Limited and our work is audited at least annually by a member of the Hillross Compliance Team. All members of the Hillross Compliance Team are covered by the same privacy legislative requirements under which we operate.