Property Advisory

One of the greatest financial commitments a person can make is to acquire property – be it a home or investment, residential or commercial. Critical to this financial decision is understanding what your goals and requirements are for this asset:

  1. To generate new wealth
  2. Enhance your existing capital position
  3. Create a complementary income stream
  4. Add to your existing income stream

When it comes to sourcing all the relevant information needed, we understand how complex and time consuming this process can be. This is why we offer our Property Advisory service to help you figure out costs of buying, owning and selling. We work on your behalf to find the property or portfolio of properties, best suited to your needs.

Our high quality Property Advisory service is effectively delivered through a comprehensive process and structure: from tailoring your needs analysis and strategy; market research and sourcing the location and property type best suited to your needs; due diligence; inspections and reports; selection and negotiating and finally, securing the property.

We have an established network of specialised and professional referral partners we work with.

From start to finish, our aim is to make property investment an easy flowing, stress free and rewarding process.