Risk Profile Questionnaire

Combined with other assessment techniques, this questionnaire assists in providing a basis for comparing risk involved with your current arrangements and any financial decisions being considered, against your risk tolerance. Comprising of 10 questions, this should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. All questions are mandatory and need to be completed prior to submission.

Name *
1. Which of the following best describes your own experience level as an investor? *
2. Which of the following best describes your level of knowledge and understanding of financial markets and investing? *
3. Thinking about the risk you have taken with your past investment choices, how would you describe the level of risk? *
4. In the context of investing, what best describes your attitude to risk? *
5. If asked to make your own investment decisions how would you feel? *
6. If you held a sizable investment that regularly went up and down in value, which would you be likely to do? *
7. How would you feel a large percentage of your investment portfolio was invested in the share market? *
8. In order to earn a return above the level of bank interest rates you may need to hold investments that go up and down in value (i.e. have volatility). How important is it to you to protect your investment and minimise the prospect of any fall in the value? *
9. If you owned a large amount of shares and the stock market fell quickly by 20%, what do you believe your natural reaction would be? *
10. Investments that go up and down in value in the short-term (i.e. have volatility) are more likely to produce higher returns than investment that remain steady. Are you prepared to experience volatility in your investments in order to increase the chance of higher returns? *